OutdoorShield® ORGANIC Baby Series

OutdoorShield ORGANIC Baby Series

OutdoorShield ORGANIC Baby Series

Oh how they grow! Introduce your baby to the great outdoors, without the unnecessary worry of curious and harmful insects. With our OutdoorShield® Baby Series, feel assured that your baby is getting full attention without the risk of bites or injuries. And when life gives you bumps, walk over it comfortably with our ointment and our bite relief. Now you can let your child roam, without experiencing the irritating buzzing in their ears.

Available Products: OutdoorShield® Baby Series

MOMiN® OutdoorShield® Herbal Soothing Ointment
Cuts and scrapes in the great outdoors shouldn’t stop your little one from exploration. Take a little more from Mother Nature’s beautiful products with nature given, OutdoorShield®Herbal Soothing Ointment, to comfort those little bumps in life.
– OutdoorShield® Herbal Soothing Ointment is used to soothe yourself and your baby    from small wounds and irritated or inflamed areas.
-A simple multi-purpose relief ointment for a variety of minor cuts and irritations.

MOMiN® OutdoorShield® Herbal Insect Bite Relief
Mosquitoes giving you or your baby unwanted attention? The herbal blend of OutdoorShield® Herbal Insect Bite Relief helps to clear the pestering itch with Organic Menthol, from when bugs get a little too close for comfort.
– OutdoorShield® Herbal Insect Bite Relief is used to temporarily relieve the itching and irritation that can come with mosquito, ticks, fleas and other insect bites.

MOMiN® OutdoorShield® Herbal Outdoor Repellent
Scared that your baby is too sweet to bugs? Babies can now keep them at bay with new OutdoorShield
® Herbal Outdoor Repellent, which uses Rosemary Essential Oils to ward off unwanted company. Keeping bugs away so babies can play!
– OutdoorShield® Herbal Outdoor Repellent is used to keep away insects that threaten to bite when outdoors.

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