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Some of the exciting events that MOMiN has in store! See whats happening and where as we continue to grow and expand!

Three of our popular products’ press release!

Nature’s ORGANIC Babies, Now Equipped With a New Line of Defense ORGANIC baby creams and lotions enhanced with natural properties in ingredients. It’s like a genie, but it’s a greenie! GreeniCare ORGANIC Baby Series utilizes the natural effects of products as they would be used raw and unprocessed, and we blend them together delicately to create creams and lotions that is mindful to a baby’s sensitive skin. This series features a variety of baby essentials; from ORGANIC Shea Coco Baby Wash & Shampoo, to Baby Oil enhanced with Calendula, and can be used on a baby’s skin confidently and with […]



Come and see our products personally on October 18 -21, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada! MOMiN® will be showcasing our products at the 2016 ABC Kids Expo, and it’s a great opportunity for us to take launch into a greater and bigger world! All of our products including the popular GreeniCare® Sunflower Baby Moisturizing Lotion and GreeniCare® Baby Wash & Shampoo will be on display and for purchase. MOMiN® will be given a chance to shine next to other company brands and products and we are excited for the turn-up. We can’t wait for the October 18th to come!