Did you know?

Quick and useful facts that can help you understand your baby a little more along with many other baby related subjects.

Nappy Rashes

Did you know that nappy rashes on babies occur more often after 8 months of age? Between 9 to 12 months, nappy rashess on babies are common, and you will be able to identify it by the inflamation and redness on areas that have contact with diapers. This rash is caused through wetness that may remain on the diaper for periods of time and when occuring, appears either dry or moist. It is important to treat this as soon as possible to avoid other difficulties such as yeast infections or bacterial infections. Try our Greenicare® Organic Baby Diaper Ointment to aid in preventing and treating […]

Baby Skin Absorbancy

Did you know that human skin absorbs about 60% of what is put onto it into the bloodstream, and that a baby’s skin is about four times thinner than an adults. So it is essential that when dealing with your new-born that you keep harmful irritants, such as commercial chemicals away from their delicate skins. MOMiN®  products accounts for the sensitivities in a baby’s skin, and so you can rely on us when making your baby feel more comfortable and soothed.